COVID-19 NOTICE for TRAVELERS TO ALASKA: Any travelers arriving are required to quarantine themselves for two weeks before coming into contact with any people or going into any location where there may be other people.

We are currently offering a private apartment conveniently located for quarantine with limited availability. The rate is $700 per week for up to 4 people, plus $200 for sanitation and cleaning. We cannot offer transportation or pick up at this time. Please contact us immediately if you will be traveling to Alaska for more than two weeks and want to reserve a quarantine between May and September 2020.

Since 2014, travelers have favored our privately-owned vacation rental in Anchorage. Right now we only have a few units: The Homestead on hillside and Beautiful Midtown Charmer, an apartment in the heart of the city. We typically rent long-term in winter and short-term in summer, but have options available throughout the year to meet most needs.

All units are self-serve, fully-furnished, professionally cleaned, supplied with fresh linens, and stocked with everything you need for a turn-key stay.

Our units can be booked through our website, or on popular engines such as,, Feel free to browse our listings there for ratings and reviews.

The Guesthouse at Jupiter Garden
Groups of 1-5 People, 1 Bed/1Bath

The upper unit offers a spacious 1,000+ square-foot layout in a quiet location, for a small to medium size group who want their own place at a lesser price.

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Magic Bookcase at Jupiter Garden (Lower Unit)
Up to 6 People – 2 Bed/1Bath, Full Kitchen
The ground floor offers three bedrooms, a bathroom and large kitchen, dining and social area, accessible to wheelchairs by ramp.

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JUPITER GARDEN (Whole Upper/Lower Home)
Up to 15 people – 4 Bed/2 Bath with Full Kitchen

The Alaskan Homestead and EcoLodge offers amenities for large groups, families, and even events away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet within 10 minutes of all its amenities.

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Beautiful Midtown Charmer (City Center)
Up to 6 People – 1 Bed/1Bath
The condo is just a few minutes from downtown, perfect for those who want to experience the city and all its urban attractions, nightlife from a walking distance.

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We take an environmentally-conscious and humble approach to hosting that allows conscientious guests to continue (or begin) sustainable living practices while on the road. We encourage and provide organized, deliberate facilities for recycling, composting and reusing.


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