Part-Time Handyman Position in Anchorage, Alaska

Jupiter Garden, a small private homestead turned eco-friendly guesthouse seeking experienced, licensed/insured handy-man for monthly preventative maintenance, occasional repairs, small building projects, remodeling work, outbuilding/yard maintenance and general upkeep in Anchorage.
1-Year contract. Monthly 4 hours of scheduled maintenance, plus additional hours if worked. More hours as needed, occasional on-call work and possible 1 or 2 small framing/building projects per year. Stability and dependability an absolute must.

Must have at least 3 years of documented construction and remodeling history with current business, and 10 or more overall years of experience in maintaining residential systems, framing, finishing, roof repair, tree felling, tool maintenance and repair, generator and small engine maintenance and repair, knowledge of electrical, working with specialty contractors, and adhering to permitting and zoning requirements.Must be able to provide itemized estimates before performing work, and provide invoice and receipts for reimbursement and accept payments through internet banking.

Submit resume and 3 owner references and proposal or fee schedule for services, and examples of previous relevant work. Include pictures.

No felons considered. Personal and business background check performed prior to hire.


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