Jupiter Garden, is our homestead turned eco-conscious lodge in Anchorage, Alaska. Guests can book stays from a night to a whole summer and practice sustainable living during their travels in the “Last Frontier.” We are taking bookings for next spring for:

We’ve build a tourism business out of sustainable home practice in Alaska. Guests have the opportunity to come, interact with real Alaskans with local knowledge, and live in a place that employs methods of sustainable living. The benefits are numerous:

  • Guests have the option to (but aren’t required to) learn from a local Alaskan owner who has first-hand knowledge of the area, attend homesteading workshops or go on outings .
  • Pay a fraction of the cost compared to a hotel of similar room size, with the equivalent amenities. And that money stays local.
  • Have a wild Alaskan homesteading experience while staying within 5 minutes of all the city’s amenities.
  • Practice health-conscious, earth-friendly lifestyle while traveling like a local resident.

Our on-site facilities include the main homestead, the loswer of a two-story house, where the top is the guesthouse. They can be booked together or separately, and used as a launchpad for an Alaskan vacation, during our homestead training events or for classes you’d like to host yourself.

Off-site, stay at our executive-style apartment in urban Anchorage which can be rented short or long-term in summer and winter.



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